Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Urns

I love urns out front of houses. I just think they look so classy & elegant (not that I am saying my house is), but at many homes they give off that appearance. Over the summer I saved mine from a certain appointment with the trash man by spray painting them a glossy black. They are kind of small & so I am waiting for some hopefully cheap prices on them now that its fall for some bigger ones. Until the price drops though I am using mine.

Again inspired by Pinterest I was so excited to see some amazing ideas that featured pumpkins stacked on top of each other on urns! What could be cuter? It adds height to the urns and gives visual interest to the front porch. Plus it looks much cuter than my pile of pumpkins all clumped together like in years past. I found 6 total pumpkins - 2 greenish-grey colored almost flat ones for the base (here my small urns worked in my favor because I didn't need HUGE pumpkins to fill them), 2 white rounder, yet they still had flat surfaces on the top/bottom - though they are kind of wonky shaped I didn't see the other wagon of white pumpkins until we were pulling out of the drive- and then 2 small orange ones for the tops. I know they kind of lean - but I decided that I kind of like the whimsical feel it gives them.

Notice I said that my urns were small - so I propped them up with 2 bricks under each. I put these other pumpkins around the base of them. I plan on covering it with black fabric that's left over from a new project that I am going to start tonight.


  1. I love it, Rosie. I love the blog and the urns. I actually planned on doing the exact same thing out front this year. Even that order, gray, white orange. How funny! I love the pumpkin with the growths! CUTE!

  2. Thanks Em! I always feel like I'm taking pictures w/ my phone to show others so I thought this would be more fun... and the pictures would look better too. :)

  3. What fun it is to read this. Just ideas that my mind would never even contemplate that just make everything so nice & festive. I enjoy this blog so much and love getting to know a bit more about you outside the board! Wanna come decorate my porch with urns & ghosts??? LOL (Blessings, Celeste)