Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're going to the zoo!

We are taking the kids to the zoo today. YAY! I knew I wanted something fun for the kids to wear, so I asked the boys what animal shirt would they like to wear. 

Dominic immediately replied "A monkey with no hair" and do you know what!? I already had one of those made for him about 2 years ago - and because I had made it on a shirt too big it still fits!

Then Vincent said he wanted a lion. So I found a cute design for him. He wants to find the lions & say "ROAR. Because that is saying hi to them." So funny!

And then for Gabby... she's a baby so I picked. ;)  I had really wanted to make a skirt for her but I just couldn't find a tutorial like I wanted and so I am going to just wait and make one when I have more time - we'll go to the zoo again. So instead she's wearing a Matilda Jane skirt that we already had - the style name for it is Gabbi.

And now its time for me to stop blogging & finish getting ready for the zoo! Have a wonderful day! 

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