Ordering Custom Shirts

I have begun getting requests from quite a few people to make shirts for their kiddos & family. I am beyond excited about it and so happy to do it. Its something that I really love to do and enjoy. If there is ever a shirt that you'd like done please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment here for me to respond to you. I will work with you to create a custom shirt that is what you want.

Some basic info

  • How much is it? $17 -$21 is the general charge unless it is a super complex image or if you want a shirt with a cape (due to the extra cost of fabric for the cape it is $24). 
  • What kind of shirt? I usually use plain shirts and tops from Walmart. They are surprisingly a good quality. Sometimes I will get some from Old Navy or other stores though. Its just that's been my easiest place to find a good amount of plain (design free) shirts in a variety of colors & sizes. 
  • How to pay? If you don't live local to me then I can accept payment through PayPal & will ship items to you through there w/ delivery confirmation. If you don't know me personally & would feel better with a custom listing set up in etsy for peace of mind, then that is something that I am perfectly willing to do also.
  • Time frame? I'm a busy mommy of 3 young kids and as such it might take a about 2 weeks or so for a project, but if its something you need quickly let me know & I'll do my best to help you out.
  • What designs? Don't be afraid to ask for something I haven't done yet - I enjoy tackling new projects. You can browse through the blog to find pictures of my projects & I can recreate most of them too - either exactly or with different fabrics/colors to suit your little ones favorite. 
  • Fabric choices? I am going to start working on some photos of fabric choices for people to choose from. Generally before I do anything major I try to put all of the fabrics together & share a picture of it to double check that you like it first. I always want my customers to be happy with the final product! 

As always thanks for looking!

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