Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Ninjagos

I had another order for Ninjago shirts... this time they got shipped off to Canada yesterday! Kinda makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to think I have international customers. :) Kai and Jay shirts for one lucky boy!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A rockin' first birthday

A family that is very special to us has  little girl who turns 1 today. She needed this for one of her birthday parties. :)  She wore this with a red ruffled diaper cover and was just adorable.

Fashionista Applique

A while back I had a sweet momma message me to make a ninjago shirt for her son, but she also wanted a shirt for her daughter that could coordinate with some of her pieces from her new Matilda Jane Co. - Serendipity Line favorites. Luckily she already had the perfect color of tshirt that she sent to me along with a few of the mesh bags that MJC likes to package their items in, one of them from the line last fall even had a nice button on it that I was able to use. I already had all of these fabrics here - one is a great match for the line (its the blue that's the main part of the purse) and the shoe fabric is one of my all time favorite fabrics too. I love the sweet result of it & hope she does too!

And here is the "Jay" Ninjago shirt for her little boy too! 

Thanks for your order!