Saturday, December 10, 2011

Falalala....Lala Bags almost ready

Seriously it seems like I've been working on these 3 bags forever... I started them & then got busy with the kids, decorating & shopping for Christmas, and basically life. However I have been working on them little bits at a time. Here's a quick peek at the 3 bags I'm going to list & try to sell on etsy. I'm excited about trying it & we'll see how it goes. They aren't quite finished yet, but the applique's are all done. I hope to upload a listing Sunday Dec. 11 in the evening at some point. 

 The colors/fabrics are my own creations - not trying to exactly replicate any 1 Lalaloopsy doll out there. A fun & 100% unique bag for any little girl. :) See this post for the first Lalaloopsy bag I created!

Also as the eyes & bows are buttons hand sewn on I would have to recommend for 3 & over or under CONSTANT Adult supervision. I have put them on as tight & strong as I can, but you never know what a little one is going to do. 

My husband has informed me that I HAVE to make one for our 1year old daughter to carry her Lalaloopsy dolls & books in. "Don't worry dear, I'm on it!" ;)

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