Friday, October 21, 2011

Super Bags for Super Boys

My boys are OBSESSED with superheros! OBSESSED! So of course they wanted to be superhero's for Halloween. I wish I could have convinced them to be something cute or unique... or at least coordinate... but nope, not this year.

Dominic was adamant that he be the Green Lantern and Vincent insisted on being Batman. Not even Batman & Robin for mom. ;) But I did decide after watching them collect various items and tote them around in plastic shopping bags that I could at least make them some treat bags for Halloween. As I posted before when I made the Lalaloopsy bag - the Batman bag was my first ever. I don't have a pattern or even really measurements, I just start cutting & sewing. It seems to work because each one seems to get better... in my opinion anyway.

After I mentioned to some friends that I was doing these for my superhero's a good friend asked if I would make some for her 2 boys that are also dressing up as superhero's too. I was happy to, I am so pleased with how they've turned out. What do you think of them?

My boys love theirs & will be taking them to the EIU Homecoming Parade tomorrow to collect candy in. Dominic has taken his to school everyday this week instead of a book bag. I'm just thrilled that he's so happy with something that I made him!

 Perfect for taking along your favorite superhero book (Superhero ABC's)

*the action figures/masks are only props ;)

I've decided that once I am caught up on a few more projects for my family I'm going to make more of these to put up on Etsy. Stay tuned!

I think these are perfect to include with a book or toy like I have done above.


  1. I really really do think these bags are so unique & quirky -- yet so utterly cool AND useful. Love them! Sign me up for some once the business starts! Blessings, Celeste

  2. Thanks so much Celeste! I really appreciate that. I will let you know when I'm ready. :)

  3. Now I have to go buy the Captain America and another iron man for the bags when I give them to the boys! Thanks for making them they are adorable!!!! Bonnie B.