Friday, October 21, 2011

Ghost's in a snap & on a dime!

Last year at this time I was looking for a quick & cheap Halloween decoration to put out on the porch. I came up with this idea. Since I actually made these last year. I don't have pictures of all the items or every step but I've tried to improvise for you! :) I used Wal-Mart plastic shopping bags for 2 reasons 1) I have tons of them & 2) they couldn't get ruined by rain hanging outside.
There is NO sewing in this project! Don't be scared to try it. :)

Materials needed: (to make 6 - you can easily make more or less)
1 twin size (or larger if you have it) white flat bed sheet (fitted would work too)
2-wooden dowel rods cut into 6 or more pieces (depending on how many ghosts you are making)
1 black Sharpie marker
Clear fishing line
6 white zip ties
Hot Glue & Hot Glue gun
1 Sewing needle
30 Wal-Mart or white shopping bags (finally a use for them!)- about 5 for each ghost

1.) Cut your sheet into 6 squares or rectangles - I didn't really measure it out, just tried to make them as equal as possible. I did not sew the edges or anything - I'll just say I think the rough edges add character & that you don't even notice from afar.

2. Take 4 or 5 shopping bags & form a ball, then put that ball inside of the final bag. Leave the handles hanging so that you can tie them around the dowel rod.

 3. Place a piece of the white sheet over the "ball of bags" and secure in place with a zip tie (this is a quick & easy way to secure it - if you don't have zip ties then I am sure you could tie it w/ more fishing line or something.

 4. Using the handles of the shopping bag tie the ball/sheet to the dowel rod (knot it several times tightly).

5. Run a bead of hot glue down the edges of the dowel rod & press the sheet down over it - this way it stays in place while flying outside in the wind.

 6. Draw faces on with your Sharpie marker - happy or mad - whatever you want. The sharpie does not bleed or fade away if out in rain.

7. Thread the needle with fishing line & then push it through the top of the ghost head. Its kind of hard to do because the fishing line is stronger & thicker than thread so you might need to press it on the table or something.

8. Tie a few knots to make the fishing line a loop then run outside & hang them up!

This is all the shelter from the weather that mine had last year & look cute enough still to put them up again. :) I thought briefly about ironing the wrinkles from being packed away ... and then I decided I'd rather blog about it instead!

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