Monday, December 5, 2011

All we need is some snow...

OK, I'm not really ready for snow yet. But the house sure would look pretty & more festive with snow. Yesterday I shared our indoor Christmas decorations and today it stopped raining long enough for me to hop outside & snap a few pictures. 

I hung lighted garland + bows along the front porch rail. Then for the first time I put a lighted garland around the front door. It looked kind of plain so I added some extra filler ornaments from the tree and pulled off some of our large candy canes (they are Martha Stewart from Home Depot last year - I got like 12 for $20 or something like that).

For the front door I was inspired again by Pinterest from this pin HERE. Again with the $2.48 Wal-Mart wreathes and ribbon I had - much cheaper on the wallet & still makes a pretty big impact from the road I think. I am so happy with how it turned out.

I also wrapped some boxes that we had (the big ones were what I stored all my garland in last year, so I'll be bringing some new ones home from the restaurant). I found some cute wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree (tried to go for the 40sq ft rolls - watch it b/c some are only 10 or 12sq ft & you'd need several for big boxes). I think for next year I'll pay more attention to the after sales for nicer wrapping paper - but this works for now. Though I might have to switch out my big boxes b/c they aren't a sturdy as my smaller Pampers boxes are that are the top 4. 
I might scrounge up some smaller scale boxes & do gift topiary's by the door (like these) - but these presents were too big & I didn't realize it until they were wrapped. (Also I put a small log from our wood pile in each so they wouldn't blow away). I still need to go make a few bows to put on the ones that are out there currently. 

And... one more time with those bargain wreaths (seriously I can be so cheap sometimes), but they work and if I want something new next year I won't feel guilty about it when I only have $22 wrapped up in 9 different wreathes :) Its kind of hard to see in the daylight but behind each wreath in the window inside I have 1 single candle that lights up (so 4 across the front of the house). The wreaths are hung up with some sturdy fishing line. I first positioned the candles inside & then hung the wreathes over them outside. It took about 20 minutes. 

Over all I'm really happy with how festive the whole house looks this year & the kids are really enjoying it, which is why we do it anyway right? I doubt we'll ever be a house that goes over the top with huge displays across the lawn that take from Halloween to assemble (you know the kind I'm talking about) but I will just aim for classy & festive

Also the kids wanted me to include one of Buddy's last antics - a snowball fight with our 2 Snowmen & 1 Snow-lady. They thought it was so funny!

(side note on this bottom shelf in the living room I display all of our Santa pictures from past years - they make us all small - the good, the bad & the silly).

I hope you are getting into the Christmas Spirit too!


  1. Hi Rosie, I think you should peek at my blog... hint, hint ;-)

  2. Thanks sooooo much Monika! I'm so excited to see what MJC sends to us and what we'll get to share too. :)