Sunday, June 24, 2012

Upcycle that Applique!

We are a family that LOVES the St Louis Cardinals. My husband and boys have almost entire drawers full of cardinals shirts, but my daughter has 1 girly cardinals t shirt and its almost too small (well she has a few hand me downs from the boys... but she doesn't leave home in them). :) 
A while ago I started to attempt to make her an upcycled dress out of recycled cardinals shirts from my husbands pile of shirts that might have a hole or small stain on them - the beauty of upcycling one of his shirts is that chances are really good that I can just cut around the bad part. Weeeeellllllll.... summer is really here and I just haven't found the time, energy or confidence in myself to finish this dress. 
But I was looking at this one section of it that had an applique on it vs a screen print tshirt. I also knew that I had purchased a really cute, but simple navy and white stripe tank top from Old Navy this spring, but hadn't figured out what it pair with it or to applique on it. Yesterday it struck me to put the two items together. This is the result! I love it. :) 

What I did is just cut a piece of fusible webbing, ironed it on to the back of the applique, cut out the shape I liked, laid it right on top of the tank, ironed it on w/ the steam setting and then used a straight line stitch around the edges to hold it down. :) I also used some fray check to keep the raw edges nice. 
It took about 30-45minutes. Quick & easy. MUCH simpler & faster than any other appliques I've done for about the last year! 
GO Cards!

Now I still need to make that dress & have that baseball fabric I mentioned before to do something with too. Oh well, she does have a pair of super cute red, ruffled shorties to wear with it too. 

More fun custom appliques!

I had a couple of fun requests lately for customs. 

The first is a set of Big Sister/Big Brother shirts for an old friend that's going to be announcing her 3rd baby soon. Congrats again friend! We thought it would be fun to have a bit of coordination in the shirts but since she has 1 daughter and 1 son, well we'd give them boy/girl options. So I used the same green/white dot fabric and then the turquoise & red gingham's are the same vintage fabric different colorways.  I've been hoarding the baseball fabric for something for my daughter... but thought I'd share a little corner of it for this sweet little boy. :) 

Then I had another customer whose planning a trip to Disney. She bought the cutest Minnie ruffled shorties from Loves Me Not Clothing Co. see HERE and wanted something casual to wear with them. I was able to put this together for her daughter and then we did a Mickey for her son too. I used my cricut expression with a Mickey cartridge to cut out the shapes and letters. The best part is I was worried at first about how to get the size ratio of the letters to mouse correct, I'd totally forgotten that there are options for each letter to be cut into the mouse. Worked out perfect!
I hope they have a magical trip next week!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lalaloopsy Birthday Shirt

I recently had a friend contact me and ask me if I could make a shirt for her little girl's 5th birthday. She's got a cute Lalaloopsy Theme - complete with a Lalaloopsy costume picked out for her, BUT... just in case it was too hot or she gets tired of it my friend wanted something for her to wear that still went along with the theme. I was thrilled that she asked me to make something for 2 reasons - # 1 I love to do these & help people find the right shirt, #2 because I think Lalaloopsy dolls (big, mini, soft, medium... all of them) are so darn cute. :)
Here's what I came up with after she said she wanted something with a doll holding a balloon & some buttons on it. She mentioned that one of her daughters favorites was the Sugar Crumbs doll (if you've seen some of my other Lala appliques you'll note that in the past I've just put fabrics together that I liked) so this time I did a pretty close remake of the original working with what I had on hand & could find. I did use real buttons & hand stitched them all on + hand stitching for the mouth - all of which prompts me to really recommend a wash on gentle & line dry (which I always recommend anyway). 

I hope she likes it!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little something for the boys...

I have posted before how my boys are obsessed with the new Lego Ninjago series... well I'd been promising them Ninjago Shirts for a while, so I finally got around to making them... which then has resulted in some more orders of them.
I'm finding that the little details on these, combined with having the kids home for summer (no preschool) is making it take a bit longer to get my projects done. But I'm starting to get back into a groove.

Here are the ones I've done so far...
1.) Jay (my son)

2. Kai (my son)

3. Zane (customer)

4. Jay (customer) 

I've got some more orders for more Jay & Kai - those seem to be the favorites of all the kids. :)

My boys request to wear them multiple times per week - looks like I need to find time to make more for them too!

If you'd like to order one - here's a link to my custom information, though I currently charge $20+ship for these because of the extra little details on them. :) CUSTOM SHIRTS

Preppy Baby Birthday Shirt

A friend asked if I could make a shirt for her daughter's first birthday. She had picked this cute Preppy Party theme -
Preppy Girl 1st Birthday Party Deluxe Box
from Birthday In A Box

So once she decided how she wanted the colors used (bright pink shirt, lime whale, and light pink "1") I was able to get to work.

I came up with this

I saw a few pictures after & she looked adorable with some cute leggings & a tutu!
Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Girl!