Sunday, June 24, 2012

Upcycle that Applique!

We are a family that LOVES the St Louis Cardinals. My husband and boys have almost entire drawers full of cardinals shirts, but my daughter has 1 girly cardinals t shirt and its almost too small (well she has a few hand me downs from the boys... but she doesn't leave home in them). :) 
A while ago I started to attempt to make her an upcycled dress out of recycled cardinals shirts from my husbands pile of shirts that might have a hole or small stain on them - the beauty of upcycling one of his shirts is that chances are really good that I can just cut around the bad part. Weeeeellllllll.... summer is really here and I just haven't found the time, energy or confidence in myself to finish this dress. 
But I was looking at this one section of it that had an applique on it vs a screen print tshirt. I also knew that I had purchased a really cute, but simple navy and white stripe tank top from Old Navy this spring, but hadn't figured out what it pair with it or to applique on it. Yesterday it struck me to put the two items together. This is the result! I love it. :) 

What I did is just cut a piece of fusible webbing, ironed it on to the back of the applique, cut out the shape I liked, laid it right on top of the tank, ironed it on w/ the steam setting and then used a straight line stitch around the edges to hold it down. :) I also used some fray check to keep the raw edges nice. 
It took about 30-45minutes. Quick & easy. MUCH simpler & faster than any other appliques I've done for about the last year! 
GO Cards!

Now I still need to make that dress & have that baseball fabric I mentioned before to do something with too. Oh well, she does have a pair of super cute red, ruffled shorties to wear with it too. 

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