Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh how I love applique's

As I said before the main inspiration behind learning how to sew for me was wanting to make applique shirts for my boys. Here are a few of my first projects from 2 years ago.

Boo! Happy Halloween!
To create these Halloween Monster shirts I cut out all of the different face elements (eyes, mouth, teeth) and then ironed them onto the orange/black dot fabric in the positions that I wanted before cutting out & adhering the stabilizer to the orange fabric. Its so much easier to sew all of those details on before the face is attached to the shirt!!
I am actually going to take the monster face on the smaller size & put it on a girl shirt for my daughter now & add a bow to girly it up a bit. ;)

What little boy doesn't love cowboys?
These cowboy outfits were one of my favorite outfits I have ever created for the kids.

On the jean pockets I hand stitched at the pocket openings so that the pockets weren't sewn shut.

I always loved to add a special detail to the back of the shirt like a boot on these shirts.

 Sweet cuddly baby!
I simply made an elephant applique for a plain Carter's onesie, appliqued a some fabric to the bottom of some brown GAP lounge pants, and made my own bib - (one side was tan terry cloth - from a cheap Wal-Mart towel, lots cheaper & more color selections than my local fabric department) I traced another bib we had for the pattern.

If you don't know how to do appliques I'm in the processing taking step by step pictures & writing directions for an upcoming post! So stay tuned! Its addicting...

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