Thursday, November 17, 2011

Custom Appliques

I love doing appliques for my kids and have recently begun doing some for other's as well. Here are just a few.

These first ones I made for a lovely mama in S. California. She asked me to make some applique shirts for her 3 kids. Her daughters needed tops for Halloween - a rainbow butterfly & a ladybug w/ purple spots. :) Her little boy wanted a new batman shirt with a cape (the cape is attached with velcro so it can come of if it gets caught on something). I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

Here are her 3 cuties dressed for Halloween - her little boy was wearing one of the boys original Halloween monster shirts that I had made a couple of years ago - I love it with his mini boden baggies too. :)

This pony shirt I finally finished yesterday afternoon to send to my friends little girl in New Orleans - this is a shirt for my bff's daughter - we grew up riding & showing horses together as kids and this horse even looks a bit like her new horse too. I hope it fits!

Now I just have to get this little package in the mail to them... including her bag that I posted about a couple of weeks ago! Whoops!

I've also got a really cute Thomas the Tank Engine #3 birthday shirt ready to stitch for my cousins little boy. Its turning out pretty cute too.

I am not sure if I ever really plan to do a set line in my etsy shop but if there's ever anything that you'd like me to create for you let me know & we can work together to create just the right thing! :)

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